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1960s Beatles Hawaii Pants

1960s Beatles Hawaii Pants

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Although the Beatles never played in Hawaii, they enjoyed the islands during their off time and vacations. Their first trip Hawaii happened in May of 1964. Their manager Brian Epstein recalls "The Beatles’ holiday was to be gloriously private. We hired a company and told them we wanted a fool-proof secret route plotting for four young men and three girlfriends and a wife. The men, we explained, would travel in pairs, the girls one pair, two singles. We wanted two destinations, at which two sets of couples would link up. None of the arrangements were to be made by phone, and code names were created for the eight. Mr McCartney was Mr Manning; Mr Starr was Mr Stone. Their companions were to be Miss Ashcroft and Miss Cockcroft. Mr Lennon was Mr Leslie; and his wife, Mrs Leslie. Mr Harrison was Mr Hargreaves, and his girlfriend became Miss Bond. Manning and Stone, Ashcroft and Cockcroft were to holiday in the Virgin Islands; the Leslies, Hargreaves and Bond would go to Tahiti."

This counterculture print is very similar to the prints that Wrangler used, on medium weight denim featuring the four Beatles, a topless beach babe, hula dancers, a guru, a ukulele player and more. Appear handmade, maker unknown.

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