Time travel is possible...

..and the objects of our collective past tell our stories. Throughout human history we have used our desire to dress as a way to communicate to the outside world what we feel internally. Clothing has been used to signify cultural, social, and political movements. It has been used as a weapon to separate and other, as well as a tool to commune with like minded individuals. It has the power to attract or repulse with a single glance, and its meaning changes from group to group. Fashion helps us mark the passage of time, with certain ways of dress belonging to set periods. While style might not be consistent as the centuries and decades pass, our ability to use it to inform our perception of the past remains constant. Connecting with vintage objects opens their magical ability to melt away the decades separating us from history. At Passage Keeper, fashion is a language that we love speaking, and we're here to help foster that connection with you!

xoxo, Kari & Jake 


Passage Keeper is operated from our home in Asheville, North Carolina. We are a queer Appalachian owned business. You can visit our sister shop Worn in person at Atomic Furnishing & Design, located near the Biltmore House, at 124 Swannanoa River Rd, Asheville, NC.