Let's talk about fashion with... Larissa Blintz!

Let's talk about fashion with… Larissa Blintz! What is going on in the wonderful world of Larissa? She's the head honcho and designer for her vintage inspired clothing line Miracle Eye, she's in the process of creating a vintage wonderland in Joshua Tree at her House of Sunshine pad, she's a drummer and an all around music lover - and she has the most marvelous, whimsical sense of style! Let's find out what makes this fashion bug groove!

What is your personal philosophy on fashion?

Corny, but… Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s no one-size-fits-all, experiment and see what resonates most!

Who are some of your biggest style influences?

Harry Nilsson, Shelley Duvall, Paul McCartney, Sally Field in Gidget, Spongebob Squarepants.

What motivates you when choosing an outfit for the day?

I’m a collector of vintage clothes (a nice way of saying hoarder LOL), so waking up to my “collection” gives me the motivation to put something together. Seeing the colors and shapes brings me excitement and- wowee lucky me, I get to wear it all, I get to pick a whole dang thing just for myself, what a treat! On days where work is very labor-intensive, like I’m wallpapering my desert house or I’m sourcing fabrics at the vintage deadstock warehouses, for practicality’s sake I’ll throw on jeans and a t-shirt. But otherwise, you can catch me in a very colorful look ;) 

How do you feel your style has evolved through the years?

My style has always been very color oriented and vintage-inspired, but the biggest change I’ve felt in the last several years is aiming to feel like a safe space for others. Especially after the pandemic, I think the greatest gift we can offer is kindness, acceptance, and understanding for others around us. So in terms of how that translates into what I wear, I’ve found that I love to bring sunshine into a world that feels so lacking in sunshine. I love to make old people smile and children laugh. There’s less of a focus on looking “cool” and more on feeling good, and I feel my best when those around me feel at ease and comfortable, and even happier when I can crack a smile outta them!

Do you find that designing clothing has changed the way that you dress yourself?

Quite the opposite, in fact I’ve found that I tend to design clothing I wish I could dress myself in! Stuff that isn’t available in vintage-form or in my budget, I’ll feel inspired to design. That’s what Miracle Eye originally started as. I loved everything my favorite musicians of the 1960s wore, but could never find in thrift stores or the mall, so I just made it myself.

Music seems like it is a huge part of your life, and I love when you reference artists or quote songs along with your outfit posts. How do you pull inspiration from your favorite acts? 

Music is a huuuuge part of my life, it’s my greatest motivator. It’s the one constant joy in my life I find that inspires me every single day. I am so grateful for the musicians and artists that have chosen to share their art with the world, they bring so much joy to people’s lives! I’ve never found anything that resonates more with me than old music (all the genres-  jazz folk rock bossa nova funk, etc.). So I think there is a direct correlation with that and my attraction to old clothing. It’s timeless to me, just like the music. All things old feel like home to me, nothing else comes close.

In terms of how it inspires my style, I love watching old movies or documentaries on my favorite artists and seeing what they wore. I’m grateful there were folks taking photos and filming clips seemingly at all times. 

 In the past I’ve tried to emulate them in whatever way I can as a way of paying homage… For example, in many photos, Harry Nilsson is seen wearing a multitude of sweater vests, so I am always: ears perked, eyes twinkling when an A+ sweater vest appears. I guess it’s like that Mean Girls scene with the cut out tank top, except with 1960s-1970s songwriters LOL.

What are you wearing when you feel most like yourself?

 A suit and tie with a chocolate chip cookie in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other :)


By Kari Koty


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