Let's talk about fashion (in Japan) with... Gamo!

Let's talk about fashion (in Japan) with... Gamo! Mirror mirror on the wall, whose got the coolest closet of us all? Gamo! She dives into her experience working at a vintage shop, what vintage shopping is like in Japan, and what goes through her mind when piecing together her colorful duds. 

What is your name and where do you live?  

My name is Kaho Matsui, but call me Gamo! It's my nickname <3︎ I live in Japan! (Nagoya) 

How did you get interested in vintage clothing?

I used to read magazines like Snap Magazine and FRUiTS Magazine and those people wore vintage clothes when I was teenager, and then I thought that's so cool, I wanted to try it. Then I went to Tokyo (Tokyo is the most biggest fashion city in Japan) and looked at many vintage clothing stores. From that point on I was addicted to vintage clothes.

What is your personal philosophy on fashion?

One of my main  philosophy on fashion is that we shouldn’t need to worry what other people think. Be an individual and have a unique sense of style. We should stop buying fast fashion clothes and buy vintage and at the same time we can help preserve the environment.

Who are some of your biggest style influences?

I really love Cher and Jacki Burkhart from That 70s Show. Also Penny Lane from Almost Famous is one of my favorites.

What is shopping for vintage like in Japan?  

I guess" it's not much different as USA." I like to go shopping at different vintage stores not just in Nagoya but sometimes I take the bullet train to Tokyo and Osaka. Sometimes I come home with a lot of new items for my collection. But in Japan there isn't as many thrift store or flea market as in the USA.

How has working at a vintage clothing store shaped your personal style?

Definitely working at @nagoya_panama has given me the opportunity to work on a daily basis with what I love most. We import clothes from USA and Canada that are mostly 60s-90s clothes. I get to try on many clothes before selling them online so we get to know the shape/size and then we inform the customers. 60s and 70s style clothing seems to be perfect for my body shape and size, so I’m lucky to be able to fit into many many different clothes. I can also fit into some junior sizes too haha! So thanks to my job, that’s where I’m at today.

From what I can see on Instagram, you have a very impressive vintage collection! What are some of your favorite items to collect? 

I'm a huge fan of vintage stuff. I've been collecting them for over 9 years and my room is full, I think I need more space soon. Once or twice a year I sell some of my collection to make way for some new things I love almost all 60s-70s including vintage novelty prints and I also have a big collection of all things with mushrooms on it.

What motivates you when choosing an outfit for the day?

I think many people are inspired by models or Instagramer's outfit to decide what to wear but for me I like to firstly check the weather and temperature for the day. Because we're so sensitive about temperature in Japan LOL! And then I'll think about what I wore yesterday. Because I don't like to wear same style as the day before, i.e. t-shirt and bellbottoms/mini dress and boots as yesterday. Then I check my collection and choose from there. Then I often take some selfies for my followers and post before I head off to work. Sometimes I add Robin my fat ginger cat haha!

What are you wearing when you feel most like yourself?

I feel most like myself when i wear anything green and orange, that seems to be me at my best. Also mini dress and long boots is one of my favorite outfits. My boyfriend loves that too!!


By Kari Koty


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